Waiting For My New Phone

I’ve had an Orange SPV M2000 on order now for several weeks. Theoretically it will arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Meanwhile, ever since I requested my PAC code from Vodaphone so I could keep my existing mobile number when I switch to Orange, my reception has been, well, intermittent would be to put it politely.

The cynic in me is tempted to think Vodaphone do this deliberately as a parting shot to customers who leave them, but I suspect that’s unlikely. Odd coincidence though, as the Vodaphone network has until now been pretty reliable in the two years or so I’ve been with them.

I think the real cause is probably my old Nokia 8820 going flaky. I have three batteries for it, none of which seems able to hold its charge for very long. Plus the phone itself is exhibiting some odd behaviours.

It’s a shame, because I really liked that phone but, as with every other phone I’ve owned, it hasn’t lasted as long as it really ought to. I suppose it’s down to trying to cram as much functionality as possible into a tiny form factor, but it has always struck me that the rate of obsolescence in mobiles, plus the actual cost of handsets – ignoring subsidies from the networks – must surely make them one of the most uneconomical pieces of consumer electronics yet invented. Not to mention envorinmentally unfriendly, though the idea of recycling them does at least seem to have gained currency in the last few years.

With impeccable timing, my old Palm Vx (another favourite) is also going flaky, hence the switch to a PDA phone. I was going to go for the Sony Ericsson P910i but the SPV’s built in WiFi clinched it for me, largely due to the widespread free public access here in Brighton. I hope this phone lives up to its promise…

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